Scheduled Scrap Removal and Convenient Pick Ups

Looking for a convenient program for removing the metal by-products of your manufacturing operations? Our service to the manufacturing industry includes fast, efficient and reliable collection. We provide a full-range of roll-off containers as well as bulk tippers, flatbeds, and curtain-sided vehicles as required.

At C&K Scrap Metal, our goal is to make it as easy for your manufacturing business as possible to safely and effectively remove your excess, manufacturing scrap. We’ll handle all the details in an environmentally friendly way, so you can worry more about doing your job.

C&K Scrap provides:

  • Scheduled drop-off and pick-up of containers and bins, based on your operational requirements.
  • Containers and bins sized to meet your needs.
  • Certified destruction of sensitive and regulated defective products.
  • Locked containers and bins for large jobs.
  • Multi-site location support.
  • Benefit from a company with almost 50 years of experience.

Materials Accepted – Manufacturing Scrap

  • Metal turnings, borings, cuttings
  • Metal shearing, coils and casting
  • Metal drums, storage bins
  • Decommissioned in-plant equipment and machinery
  • Manufacturing scrap
  • Defective production parts
  • Steel, copper, aluminum, brass and more

Industries Served

  • Machine shops
  • Window manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Packaging operations

If you’re interested in our manufacturing scrap services, call 973-589-5445 today and ask about how we can help you.

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