Recycle Your Cardboard/Paper

For every ton of cardboard recycled we save nine cubic yards of landfill space. Cardboard can be recycled very easily and reused over and over. We encourage our customers to separate their waste to help the environment. C&K Scrap Metal will then do the rest. We’ll pick up your recyclable materials and ensure that it’s put to its best use.

We only accept cardboard & white paper. This means we are unable to accept materials such as newspapers, magazines, or other types of papers at this time.

We offer container and compactor services for your cardboard and white paper recycling needs. Simply contact C&K Scrap Metal to let us know what size container you need and how many. We’ll bring what you need out to your construction site for fast and convenient service.

Trash compactors can be the driving force behind huge savings and increased efficiency in the area of waste processing and recycling. Cardboard, also referred to as OCC (Old Corrugated Containers), has one of the highest recovery rates of all recyclables. Today, in the United States, almost 90% is recovered from the waste stream. Recycling OCC saves money on waste disposal costs, helps conserve natural resources, and reduces pollution from the production of new cardboard.

Help your company go green by calling C&K Scrap Metal at 973-589-5445 to ask about our cardboard and paper recycling services.

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